Expert training from a
Master Martial Artist

Sam M. Ellison PT


'Hello! Sam here, founder of Laconian Fitness. I'm a Master of two martial arts and take pride in teaching others to become expert martial artists like me! I also work with clients of all ages who struggle to achieve and maintain their ideal weight. I give them the support, encouragement, and the skills needed so that they can achieve the healthy lifestyle and physique they have always striven for!

'Sessions that will push you to the max!'

What in world does 'Laconian' mean?? I hear you saying. Laconian is the Greek word for Sparta. A city renowned for it's well-trained warriors. Having a fascination with the Greek world I thought this name perfectly fits the style of training I deliver; expert guidance and knowledge, tough sessions that will push you to the max and a strong mentality that will help you to achieve whatever your goal is! 

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"During our sessions I have grown in confidence and I have pushed myself to the limits which for me was my main priority. Sessions are fun and seem to fly by, if you're serious about seeing improvements I would definitely recommend using Sam as your personal trainer without hesitation." Jack Massey, PT Client


"Sam is patient, explains things clearly and in detail, easy to get along with and a great motivator. I particularly enjoyed his intense workout drills and I personally feel I am more flexible. As a Martial Artist he is talented and impressive, he can execute techniques perfectly with precision and power demonstrating them almost effortlessly." Paul Glossop, PT Client

"Sam is an excellent martial artist, teacher and trainer.  His
knowledge, experience and patience combined with his enthusiastic and friendly approach made training with him lots of fun.  I benefited a lot from working on areas I knew needed work (mainly leg strengthening).  His method of assessing my technique and talking through where my faults and weaknesses were, following up with how improvements could be applied, were absolutely invaluable. Come back
to Leeds, Sam! :)" Keith Hill, PT Client

"Sam worked with clients on a one to one basis where he demonstrated commitment to the client and a passion for them to succeed." David Kenyon, Manager of Elemental Fitness


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1 Session per week


- Weekly Face to Face Fitness Training Sessions

- A Personalised Training Plan

- Nutritional Guidance

- Offers Accountability with Monthly Check-ins


per month


2 sessions per week


- 2 Face to Face Weekly Tailored Training Sessions 

- Workout Plan for During the Week

- Nutritional Guidance

- Offers Accountability with Monthly Check-Ins 


per month

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Online Monthly Package


- Detailed Workout Plan Taking into Account: Goals, Amount of Time Available to Train, Injuries, Current Ability Level etc.

- Keeping Track of Personal Bests, Weight, and Body Composition Improvements

- An Updated Training Plan Every 6 Weeks 

-  In Depth Nutritional Support

- Lifestyle Analysis: Sleep, Habits, etc.

-  Offers Increased Accountability with Monlthy Video-call Check-in's and Weekly Updates

- Message/Email Support Guaranteed Within 24 Hours


per month

If you would like to book a single session it costs £37 and you can book this via