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Monthly Newsletter: August

It's August already!!

  • Date of Autumn grading

  • Classes available in August

  • The T-Shirts have arrived!

  • Monthly challenge results and new challenge!

  • Grading review

  • Google reviews

  • Student of the month!

Autumn Grading

Provisional dates for Autumn grading will be Saturday the 7th of October 10am-12

Classes in August

Nearly all classes are still running through August, it's just this weekend (12th and 13th of August) in which there are no classes. But those who normally train on a Saturday or Sunday are more than welcome at our Tuesday or Thursday classes if you would like train over the next two weeks!

They’re here… Kick-Kwondo T-Shirts!

The T-Shirt have now arrived so if you ordered one you will receive it at the next lesson you attend! Check out Ted and Isaac at the bottom of this email sporting the new tops at last Thursdays lesson!

The Kids Monthly Challenge Results

Everyone improved over the month which was great to see! The leaderboard is up on our social media pages and at the bottom of this Newsletter. The kids class challenge this month was to do as many turning kicks as possible without putting your leg down... testing our balance, leg strength and kicking technique! There's some incredible scores here! Keep your eyes peeled for next month's challenge!


Our top three this month was Leo, Jack Clark and Joseph with 105, 60 and 44 kicks! That takes some doing!

Next month the challenge is who can do the plank for the longest amount of time!

Grading Reviews

I was extremely proud of everyone who graded and the standard was incredibly high. Shout outs go to:

- Millie (who won the pattern trophy and achieved her yellow belt) her technique was brilliant you could see she'd been practicing a lot beforehand!

- Sebastian and Ibrahim (who both passed their red-tags and had an incredible grading with techniques full of power, strength alongside impressive sparring)

- Haroun (who passed his black-tags, this is no mean feat, and he unfortunately failed this grade the first time round. However, he came back all guns blazing this time and truly earned his black-tags, very impressive self-defence too!)

Google Reviews

I am asking for a little help with this one! If you feel like the club has been useful to yourself or your children please leave us a 5 star review on our google page, it massively helps to build the club, bring in new white belts and this development of the club then allows us to keep adding thing like better equipment, mats, body armours, bigger events etc. here's the link to review us or simply type Kick-Kwondo Martial Arts into google and we should come up! :) Every review would be really appreciated!

Student of the Month

The student of the month for August has to go to Ted Forster! His improvement has been incredible recently, once upon a time when he was just starting he could only just about kick above the knee but now he's kicking above his head height, with good technique and power! All that extra practising at home has paid off Ted! Keep up the good work!

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