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Monthly Newsletter: October!

(Apologies all for the late newsletter) 26th of October? We're Almost in November never mind it being the October Newsletter!

Hope everyone's looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire Night!

What we're talking about today:

  • Vote on the December grading date!

  • Adult class event (self defence)

  • Key dates and cancelled lessons

  • Monthly challenge results and new challenge!

  • Student of the month!

December Grading

The December grading will either be on Saturday the 8th or Saturday the 16th of December 10am-12. Please vote in the WhatsApp group (if you are not added to this and would like to be please let your instructor know).

If you want to vote but don't want to join the group just let Master Sam know which date works best for you!

It will be a very busy one!

Adult Self Defence Class Event

Due to a lot of interest around another adults class, we thought we'd put on a one-off adults only self defence class! In the class you will learn the basics of how to defend yourself in loads of different situations, all in a fun and friendly environment. The class will be free so there's no reason to not get stuck in!

The class will be at the end of November, your options are be Tuesday 21st 7:20-8:20pm Wednesday 22nd 6:30-7:30pm or Saturday 25th 11am-12. Please vote for this on our Facebook and/or WhatsApp group before Saturday the 4th of November.

Once a date is decided, the venue will be finalised and you can book on, the best part is the event is absolutely free!

Key dates and cancelled lessons

There will be no classes on Halloween or Bonfire night: Tuesday 31st October and Sunday 5th of November.

The Kids Monthly Challenge Results

The September challenge was to do as many press ups in a row as you can in 30 seconds (with good form). The form tends to be the hardest part and there were some dodgy press ups this month, however everyone pushed themselves and improved on their scores, especially those who struggled with the form at first!

Our top three this month was Leo with 36 press ups, and Alexander and Thomas at joint 2nd with 31!

I'll be putting up a table for everyone best time with the hoops next month and starting from November we'll have a brand new challenge which tests your leg strength....

Student of the Month

The student of the month is Martha! She managed to get her green belt at the last grading and passed with flying colours! She even managed to win the pattern competition with her performance of pattern no.3 (Sam jang)!

Always putting 100% into every class, Martha is is a model Taekwondo student and really deserves student of the month! Well done Martha!

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