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Monthly Newsletter: February!

We’ve some great bits of news including:

  • The March grading date

  • Leo’s black belt grading!

  • T-shirt order no.2!

  • Key dates and cancelled lessons

  • BTCB Insurance for blue belts and higher

March Grading

The next grading will be on Saturday the 23rd of March 9:30am-11:30

If you want to grade but you're not quite sure if you're ready just let Master Sam know and we'll see when might be best for you to grade!

Leo’s Black Belt Grading!

This is massive...On the 2nd of March, Leo will be going for his black belt! This is outside of the club and graded by other black belts so the pressure is on! A black belt is not easy to get and requires lots of dedication and commitment, it will also be the first Kick-Kwondo student to go for this belt since we started the club in 2019!!

I'm sure Leo will do us all proud no matter what and we wish the best of luck to him!


Key Dates and Cancelled Lessons

Saturday 2nd March - no class (Leo's black belt)

Saturday 23rd March - Grading day

Saturday 30th March - no class (Easter weekend)

There will be no Saturday classes on Leo's grading day (2nd march) and also the week following the Kick-Kwondo grading (30th march)

T-Shirt Order No.2!

At the end of March we'll be doing a second t-shirt order, the shirts are brilliant quality and long lasting! You will have seen Kick-Kwondo members sporting these in class


They’re made of 100% polyester and machine washable at 30 degrees available in these sizes: Kids 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13 and Adults S, M, L, XL

If you would like to order a shirt please let Master Sam know at your next session!

BTCB Insurance for Blue belts and Higher

For those going for Blue belt or higher it is imperative that you are insured under British Taekwondo. You will not be able to grade if you do not have a membership. This is also essential for when going for your black belt and any competitions you may do in the future.

I've attached a guide for navigating the website but if you have any further questions please let Master Sam know

Here's the link to the website:

BTCB have raised the price due to inflation but hopefully we will see this reduced again soon. These are their current prices:

  • Adult Annual Membership (18+) £35

  • Junior Annual Membership (17-) £30   

  • Club Annual Affiliation £15


The HUB Guide - Members + Parents (2)
Download DOCX • 2.38MB

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