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Monthly Newsletter: July!

Hello and welcome to the first ever Kick-Kwondo monthly newsletter! This month we’ve got lot to talk about!

  • The 2nd grading of the year!

  • Brand new T-Shirts!

  • Return of the monthly challenge!

  • Pattern competition news!

  • Easier ways to pay: Card Machine!

  • Student of the month!

Summer Grading

The next grading will be on Saturday the 15th of July at New Longton Village Hall 10am-12pm! (There’s a link to our Youtube at the end of this email which has videos of the patterns available on the channel!)

They’re here… Kick-Kwondo T-Shirts!

It’s taken a little longer than I wanted it to to get these ready but I wanted to make sure I found the best quality and longest lasting t-shirts! There’s me in one them doing my best blue steel at the start of the email^

They’re made of 100% polyester and machine washable at 30 degrees available in these sizes: Kids 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13 and Adults S, M, L, XL

The Monthly Challenge Returns

During the pandemic some students may remember us doing a monthly challenge in which students could test themselves with exercises based on skill, leg strength, core strength, agility, speed etc. This July we’re bringing them back, starting with a Turning Kick challenge: do as many as you can in a row while balancing on one leg!

There will be a leaderboard posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages and there will be prizes for the top place and most improved each month!

Inter-club Pattern Competition News

At the last grading we didn’t have time to do the pattern competition unfortunately. However, at the time I mentioned that this competition was on the horizon. It’s now confirmed to be in September but we’re still working together with Ellison’s Taekwondo to decide the exact date/time and venue but it will most likely be on a Saturday. This is a great opportunity to have a go at competing in a smaller and more friendly environment where competitors will be able to win medals!

Card Machine

Finally! You will now also be able to pay by card for classes, we’re trying to streamline payments so you now have the option to pay in cash or by card (instead of bank transfer). Other options are our monthly subscription or purchasing one of the 20 session cards!

Student of the Month

The student of the month for June has to go to Leo Crossen! He always tries his hardest in class and managed to get his black tags at the last grading (which is not an easy task!). He’s even been going to extra seminars to improve his Patterns and has competed on three different occasions now, getting better each time! Well done Leo!

Student of the Month July

Kick-Kwondo Martial Arts T-Shirts

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