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Monthly Newsletter: September!

Hope everyone had a great summer, September has come around fast hasn't it!

  • Autumn grading reminder

  • What to expect in classes in Septmeber

  • Monthly challenge results and new challenge!

  • Student of the month!

Autumn Grading

The Autumn grading will be on Saturday the 7th of October 10am-12. It will be a quiet one as training over summer is tough to be consistent with. The next grading after this will be in December.

What to expect from classes in September

We've got lots of exciting things planned for classes this month. In the children's classes we've got brand new challenges, focus on spinning techniques, work on simple combinations and preparations for pattern competitions!

In our adults class we've got some fun fitness drills planned, knife defence work and even a tug of war competition planned!

The Kids Monthly Challenge Results

What a brilliant effort from the little ninjas this month, it takes some amazing mental strength to do the plank for over 30 seconds, never mind 3 minutes! The leaderboard is up on our social media pages and at the bottom of this Newsletter. The kids class challenge this month was to do as the plank for the longest time possible!


Our top three this month was Jack Clark with 3:59 seconds, Mille on 3 minutes 54 seconds and Arthur and Ryan both on 3 minutes and 30 seconds!

Next month the challenge is who can do the most press ups in 30 seconds!

Student of the Month

The student of the month is Joseph Hilton! He achieved his yellow belt at the last grading and is already looking like he's ready for his green-tags. He is always practicing his kicks at home (hopefully not on his family) and tells me that he watches lots of YouTube videos on taekwondo in his free time! That's the kind of passion we love to see, well done Joseph!

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